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The problem?

Without electricity isnt it just difficult to run your home or business, access basic amenities such as good health care or running water, or even to grow an economy, yet this is the reality for 1.2 billion individuals globally and 600 million in sub-Saharan Africa.
Gasoline generators are currently the most widely used alternative but they are noisy, costly, polluting and kill about 16,000 people each year.

What is Ardu-IoT?

Ardu-IoT is your personal a smart home and solar energy device that allows you to power your home during blackouts and control connected devices from a smartphone anywhere in the world.
We believe no one should be forced to live without power, we also believe that power doesnt have to cost you an arm or a leg.

Why choose us?

We offer unbeatable features beyond plain old power.

Pay As You Go

An initial fee of ₦25,000($70) and as low as ₦6000($13) each month

Eco-friendly energy

Clean, Green energy, happy you, happy planet!

Amazing features

Seemless IoT integration, designed with ina modular fashion with expansibility in mind


Curious about what we offer? Look no further!!!


A 1000W inverter and 100ah lithium-Ion batteries
Lighter and Stronger than lead acid batteries.


Control your home appliances in real time from anywhere in the world.
Forgot to turn of your lights? No Problemo!!!


Wide range of sensors to be Connected Eg secutity cameras, gas and fire sensors, intruder detectors, etc.
Monitorerd in real-time from your smartphone.


No need to tear up your Home.
Seemless and easy installation.

Choose Your Plan

Power that works without breaking the bank with plans designed just for you


Small Oga package



  • Initial fee of ₦25000 ($70)
  • 1000w inverter
  • 100ah battery
  • 200w solar panel
  • 3 smart bulbs
  • Security cameras
  • Free installation


Oga at the top

15,000 ($41)


  • Initial fee of ₦40,000 ($110)
  • 2000w inverter
  • 2* 200ah battery
  • 2* 200w solar panels
  • Up to 10 smart bulbs
  • 2 smart switches
  • Security cameras
  • Free installation


Chief Daddy

40,000 ($110)


  • 5000w inverter
  • 8* 200ah battery
  • 8* 200w solar panels
  • Up to 10 smart bulbs
  • 2 smart switches
  • Security cameras
  • Free installation

Meet the team

The brains and brawns behind the business